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It is a common understanding that the Internet is transforming traditional TV, just as it has reshaped the computer and mobile phones and helped bring to life pads with different screen sizes. Today, home TVs can hardly keep up with the fast emergence of Internet entertainment applications, features, contents and terminals.

But even so, the most basic program reception and monitor function will render a traditional home TV a considerable duration of existence especially in the vast countryside in China before being replaced either partially or completely by other convenient and attractive forms of content presentation. So to address the market need to keep up with constant changes and save money to embrace the Internet era, it makes a perfect sense to purchase a smaller, lower cost terminal device,commonly called a Set-Top-Box (STB), that connects with traditional TV sets, receives TV signals of different standards and contents from the Internet and can be interactive with other mobile devices such as smart phones, pads, computers and so on.

Such STBs are to be shaped into leaner and smaller sizes to even that of an USB dongle and to provide added features along with OTT (Over-The-Top) services to millions of households, which are reluctant to change their older even obsolete TV set models out of financial considerations. These affordable and progressive STBs help people keep pace with new Internet services and abundant contents and entertainments. What really attracts people is also STB’s connecting ability with other terminals such as computer, mobile phone and tablets for handy sharing of audio/video/verbal information which are to be displayed on the much bigger TV screen with probably better clarity and sound effect. The adaptability of upcoming STBs is likely to be the center hub of a home.

Availink provides chips for multi-screen interaction between mobile phones, tablets, portable computers, and televisions, making them seamlessly interactive, both on and off the Internet through the work of price-competitive STBs. We trust these options mentioned will make people’s life better.

Availink offers various solutions based on its systems-on-a-chip products for:


TV Dongles

Combo Set-top-boxes (DVB+OTT)

For detailed product information, please contact our sales department